Sunday, July 26, 2009

Montpelier, VT to North Conway, NH

It rained overnight, and we awoke to leaden skies. So, we figured that we’d have a day of showers to deal with. Actually, we figured wrong; it stayed dry all day.
The bed I slept on was very hard; I woke up several times with my hips hurting. When I got up, my left hip was pretty painful. I’m not sure what was going on with it, but it hurt pretty good.
We stopped at the Wayside Restaurant on the way out of town. It is a mom and pop type of place. Pancakes and bacon with REAL maple syrup with coffee. It was pretty good and filling. A good start for the day.
We headed south to find some covered bridges. Looking at a map of the state, I spotted more than 30 without looking hard. In particular, Gary wanted to find one in which he had a small accident that he and his wife had visited a couple of years earlier. The floor of this one has a sunken area between the car wheels that he did not realize was sunken. When he went to move to the side just a bit, the wheel of the bike caught the raised section and the bike fell, with both going down. Nothing was hurt; neither the riders nor the bike. He wanted to see it again.
We found a cluster of four bridges on the map, but found only three of them. Not bad, I thought. Then later two more. Then a couple others further down the road.
After a while, Gary figured out where the infamous bridge was located. About 30 miles away, the ride there was good. This particular bridge, the Lincoln Bridge near Woodstock, VT, was just off the main road and longer than most. The only section of recessed flooring was about 18” wide, so almost all of the flooring was at the same level. I can see how it happened; dark inside, the floor was not easy to see. Took some pics and moved on to lunch.
Lunch was good; I ordered a “foot long” hot dog. When I got the order, the weiner was probably 12”, but the bun was normal sized. It just looked funny with all the weiner hanging over the edges. I asked for slaw on the hot dog; the waitress, unfamiliar with Southernese, thought I wanted salt instead of slaw. Apparently, no one in New England eats slaw with hot dogs. But I did get slaw and it was pretty good.
Then we started working our way towards New Hampshire. All of the roads were very good, except the road surfaces continued to be horrible. This part of the world needs to spend some money on resurfacing its roads. They were truly bad. I enjoyed the curves and changes in elevation very much, but the surfaces were worse than any I’ve ever seen before.
We rode to North Conway, New Hampshire, where we found a mom and pop motel with a good view. We finally had time to sit on the porch and drink a beer before having to do something else. So, we did. It was good to have some time not feeling pushed.
We did our walk and stopped at a local restaurant/mini brewery for dinner. Had a bowl of chili and a beer, which was enough. The chili was very good.
No Internet again, so this will be posted late again. We covered about 250 miles today.
Tomorrow—Mt Washington and then working towards Maine.

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