Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ride's Eve

Tomorrow is the big day. Gary came over tonight and we'll leave sometime in the morning. It should be fairly warm tomorrow, but hopefully not too hot.

Today was spent mostly getting ready. Errands galore. Bank. Haircut. Meds. Gas. Then some last-minute bike things--topping off the oil level. Adding some fuel injector cleaner to the gas tank. Putting some Armor-All on some of the plastics.

I discovered some damage done to the bike at last weekend's BMW MOA Rally. I don't know what happened, but there's a large scratch on the left front fender from what looks like something being dropped on it. Then later I discovered the reflective lens on my top case is cracked. I had noted on Saturday when I came back to the bike that it had been moved forward about a foot, but didn't think much about it. Now I don't know if it was knocked over or if another bike fell over on it. With damage on opposite sides of the bike, I have no idea what happened. It truly is a mystery...

Well, this is it for tonight. Tomorrow the adventure begins. I'll try to post some pics.

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