Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dartmouth, NS to Freeport, ME

A long day on the road. Left Dartmouth at 8am, just after Gary's wife left for the airport. Headed north and west into New Brunswick, then south on Hwy 1 towards Maine.

The roads were fast, and traffic light, for the most part. It was a good ride under sunny skies and cool air.

Got through Customs in Maine with no problem and continued heading south. We got hungry along the way and found a good pub on the way to Black Harbor. We both had fresh fried clams; they were very good.

Continued south to Freeport. I wanted to visit the LL Bean store, a store I had visited 19 years ago in an earlier life. I didn't have anything in particular that I wanted or needed to buy; I just wanted to see it to see what it looked like.

It was larger and had changed some, but somehow it felt much more commercialized than it was before. I was disappointed. Gary, however, found a special hat that he bought. He was happy.

Lodging in Freeport is not cheap. We tried an Econolodge, thinking it would be reasonable. They had rooms, but at $119 plus tax, with all discounts applied. Too much. We saw a Super 8 up the road and went there. They had rooms, but wanted $109 plus tax. While we were talking and trying to decide what to do, two guys on bikes asked about a room, and got the same price. While we were all talking, the manager walked outside and offered the rooms at $99 plus tax. We took a room and they took a room. Not cheap, but adequate.

To sum up the day, it was riding from point A to point B. We covered 535 miles, the most of any day on the trip.

Tomorrow: Freeport to ?

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