Monday, August 10, 2009

Frackville, PA to Home

The day started early; Gary set the clock for 6:00am, even though we had agreed on 6:45. Operator error...

Not a bad thing, though, we were ready to get home, and knew it was going to be very hot on the last part of the day. Temperatures around 100 degrees were expected at home.

The morning was cool, and foggy at the hotel, but clear and bright within a few miles of home. Traffic was moderate and moving for the whole ride.

After about 4 hours of riding, it was time for us to split. I 81 works its way south and west, towards his home. Rather than staying on it all the way back and then heading east for home, I decided to split earlier and work south and east to I 95, which runs about 20 miles east of home.

As I headed further south, it got hotter and hotter. I wet and put on the Sarah vest, a special vest that was soaked in water (it has a special polymer that absorbs moisture and releases it slowly for cooling). The vest helped with the oppressive heat.

Finally, I got on I 95 north of Richmond and then ground on home, finishing about 4:00pm. Not a bad ride, but hot and boring.

Mileage for the day was 479.

Home sweet home!

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